AgeOfGods Staking

AOG Staking is Now Live 31/12/2021

Staking URL:

AOG Staking interest is paid out in accordance with a block number in the contract, so your are continuesly earning tokens. If you unstake your AOG before 90 days there is a fee schedule that can be found at the bottom of this article.

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet with AOG in it.

Note: Mobile Users! You must open your DAPPS directly as a link.

Step 2: Confirm wallet connection and pay the transaction fee in BNB to enable the secure connection

Step 3: Approve to stake— click approve, when connected your wallet will appear in the upper right corner.

Step 4: Stake — put in how much you want to stake and click on Stake

Step 5. Confirm transaction fee

You have now staked your AOG!

  • Harvest — claim your interest with no penalty to your wallet at anytime without affecting your staked coins
  • Compound — automatically harvests your interest and instead of sending to your wallet it adds the interest to your staked coins, resets the 90 day timer for early withdrawal, and then you begin earning interest on your interest.
    Please note that each time your access the Binance Network to compound or harvest your interest they do charge you a network fee.

What if I want to unstake all of my AOG?

If you would like to unstake your AOG. If you have staked your AOG over 90 days there is no early withdrawal fee, however, if you withdraw prior to 90 days for any reason the fee schedule is as follows:

What happends with these fees if anyone is unstaking early?
Simple! we BURN it. Good for everyone!