The current market situation, my response

  • AOG has it’s treasury 100% in BUSD and USDC, staked as LP on Pancakeswap. Why? Because Pancakeswap liquidity providing on 2 (proper) stable coins is risk free and because its a double audited proven smart contract, it is safe and decentralized. We make a yield from trading fees that will simply be added to the treasury to be used for AOG. As it waits to be used for marketing investment for example. Why BUSD and USDC? Because they are one of the few Stable coins that are actually backed by real dollars and have monthly attestations to prove it. Unlike stable coins like USDT for example that are not backed 100% by dollars but rather assets (asset value’s can fluctuate and therefore are risky).
  • We do not use our company teasury for getting a loan or any other form of collaterol.
  • Our staking contract is designed in a way that a “bank run” on AOG, would only result in the APR % going up as people unstake. So first of all, you are garuanteed to get your AOG back anytime you want 24/7 fully decentralized and safe. Second if a lot of people do this for whatever reason, it is no issue whatsoever as the tokens are 100% there in the pool and those that choose to not unstake, will simply get more APR. A fair system, that gives freedom and incentive for encouraging the right behaviour. We cannot (and would not even if we could) freeze anyone’s AOG in any circumstance.




The Next-Gen NFT Action Card Game

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Zeus CEO-AgeOfGods

Zeus CEO-AgeOfGods

The Next-Gen NFT Action Card Game

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