Tokenomics AOG improvement

Fellow Gods,

We are approaching the end of the strategic round vesting and with that the majority of pre-sale tokens will be fully circulating. As CEO I carry the end-responsibility to make the best possible decisions that serve the token holder interests.

The co-founders from AgeOfGods never made the project with the purpose of self enrichment in mind, I fully realize that this is radically different from pretty much 99% of all other Crypto projects out there.

We have a clear goal in mind, which is to become the number 1 crypto game, and more concretely as a first milestone a 1 billion dollar market cap.

To show that we do not only “talk the talk” but also “walk the walk”, we have decided to reduce the team AOG tokens from 15% to 1% total. Why? because 1% of a 1 billion market cap is still a big amount of value. Furthermore Team tokens have not vested so far and will not be vesting until the 1 billion dollar milestone is reached. Leadership is leading by example, the team will hold, we do not sell.

The tokens that were previously designated as Team tokens will instead be allocated towards Marketing, with the purpose of attracting new token holders. This is vesting linearly as per market demand, which in turn is connected to the token value growth, the more we grow, the more we can do marketing.

CEO AgeOfGods




The Next-Gen NFT Action Card Game

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Zeus CEO-AgeOfGods

Zeus CEO-AgeOfGods

The Next-Gen NFT Action Card Game

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